Sponsorship of Ruiru Rehabilitation Centre home, in part, or in whole, helps provide for all of the critical needs of the children…food, education, medical care, etc. But that’s not all. It also provides for the “nuts and bolts” of the operation of the children home as detailed below.

Kitchen Equipment

There is need for investment in kitchen equipment to increase production to cater for the children. The cost of every meal is generated by contributions from individuals, philanthropists and corporate entities.

3 Cooking pots $240
3 Tables & 6 Benches$900
Water filter$400
Pantry shelf$200

Refurbishment of Kitchen

The original kitchen has served the children well and we trust that this kitchen will serve the children that pass through our doors for many years to come. We are in the process of maintaining the well-used kitchen.

Painting $200
Floor repair$350
Roof repair$150


Repair of main building

Your sponsorship of the children’s home will offer much needed funds for elements like the upkeep of the building that the children call home. It will allow us to fix leaks, interior & exterior painting. If you would like to help us reach the finish line, you can click the donate button.
The buildings are sitting on clay soil commonly known as black cotton soil hence affecting the building in the wet and dry seasons cycles creating cracks in the wall and floors which requires attention.

The grounds outside the kitchen needs to be cemented for more hygiene.

Permanent fence would help in security

Repair main house$3450
Cabro works$1127
Floor tiles$375
Paving slab$760
Front wall$8000
Casting Trench$720
Red soil (Back filling)$800
Water culverts$350
CCTV repair (DVR)$120
Furniture repairs$243
Furniture repairs$243
Dormitory wardrobes$1000

Solar Lights

The installation of Solar lights gives the children access to lighting. The use of solar lighting instead of kerosene lamps has positive effects on children’s health and leads to reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. We are fortunate to have installed some solar lights, however enhancing the same will give better lighting.

Security lights $2500
Dormitory lights$400
Library lighting$400



The centre is very fortunate in having additional land on which agricultural projects can be implemented. Our needs in this are irrigation system including pipes, sprinklers and pumps, seedlings, tanks, tools and implements.

Help also can be inform of agricultural knowledge, supply of suitable seedling varieties for right products and for our climate conditions.

Water pipes$250
Drip flexible piping$200
Seedlings$200 per season
Tools and Implements$300
Electricity$100 per month

Books, Stationery & Uniform

The vision for the children’s home is to impart the best knowledge to the children hence the struggle to always meet with the ever changing text books and of course the day to day needs such as exercise books, pencils, pens etc.

In addition, extra reading materials would be welcome to expand our existing library.

Uniforms are always undergoing wear and tear as well as changing size as a result of the child’s growth hence the regular need for these items: –

Text & Exercise books per year$1800 per annum
School fees$1000 per quarter
Uniform, shoes and clothes$350 per quarter
Stationeries$193 per quarter
Child care Staff salaries$940 per month
Medical Insurance cover$62 per month
Home theater$2000
Library books$1000 per annum


Ruiru rehabilitation centre also exposes the children to other co curriculum activities and acrobatic is one of the activities. Most of our students have learned acrobatic at Sarakasi Nairobi and we now have two alumnae who are in Norway and will proceed to Mozambique for the show. Some have signed a contract with Kenya literature of Bureau to be included in English text books for primary level. It is with the help of the old students that this programme continues to run and we are so thankful for their input. Acrobatics also improves the intelligence of students that is why we continue to have this activity. The costs that we incur are as follows: Training $300per annum, Costumes $600 per annum, Juggling sticks $100, One tyre cycle (mono cycle) $150.


We have other students that training in dancing every Saturday. Some of our students have also benefited from dancing and they are doing it as a career. The costs that we incur are as follows: Training teacher $144, Costumes $230.


Music is an important activity that we continue to train for at the centre. Presently we have training in guitar and traditional drums however we wish to introduce other musical instruments such as piano & keyboard.


The centre is blessed with reasonable space in which we practice agriculture, this helps to train the children in various disciplines such as care, commitment and off course the knowledge of farming. Presently the children have created a kitchen garden on a small patch. However, with the help of the old students a larger scale cultivation on 2 acres is being looked into to further enhance the knowledge as well as provide the necessary food and some revenue for the centre by way of sale of the excess. The proposed crop is potatoes and onions.


We have a fairly good library and in trying to encourage the children to read more we have a daily reading club where all the children participate and are helped by the staff and volunteers. We wish to slowly extend this facility to the neighborhood so that many more children can benefit from reading. Here we will be looking for installing international library systems librarian staff and audio books, once our finances allow for it.


Recently we received donation of computers from a well wisher Mr. Wycliffe of Best World IT Solution who has installed 4 computers. We are now in the process of creating a syllabus to introduce computing to the children.