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The Ruiru Rehabilitation Centre is a registered NGO (ref. No 218/051/0236/187) in Kenya, 25km from the capital city of Nairobi. Home to children rescued from the streets, orphaned or who have been entrusted to the centre by family members unable to give them proper care. Our children, currently between the ages of 6 to 14 attend primary education and live at the centre where all basic necessities are provided. Once they progress to secondary school as well as higher learning institutions we continue to support the children at boarding institutions.

The centre is a safe haven with a holistic approach that cultivates joy and laughter, a foster family with brothers and sisters that can relate, a place where our children can dream of a better future and where hurts from the past find healing in an environment of love, care and affection.



•   Provide for the childrens’ basic needs, including food, shelter, clothing, health care.
•    Assist childrens’ healing process from hurt and trauma.
•    Provide formal education.
•    Teach practical skills and offer vocational training.
•    Promote community participation, ownership and responsibility.
•    Foster the reintegration of children back to their extended family when feasible.
•    Empower the children and enhance their self confidence through artistic and cultural training and activities.
•    Expose children to other cultures to broaden their knowledge and world views.
•    Increase the childrens’ awareness of environmental sustainability and responsibility.


Some of our regular donors and service providers

Ruiru rehabilitation centre began as a feeding programme in 1997 with street children in Ruiru (25km north of Nairobi Kenya) being given food once or twice a week by neighbours and local church members.

In 1998, Mr. William Kimani, a local businessman in Ruiru, allowed them to use his land and the existing facilities as a temporary shelter and street children moved in with their sacks and camped in stores located on the plot. Super Foam a local company donated mattresses and the Centre began.... Soon, the situation became overwhelming and other members grouped together to support the children on a full time basis, thanks to the Kimani family allowing them to use their land. In July 2000, the then ad hoc committee decided to draw up a constitution to formalise the operations headed by a teacher from the nearby Peponi School, Mr. Owen Lewis and other members Ms. Rachel Ngure, Ms. Maria Valladares, and Mr. William Kimani.

The centre continued to do well and an application to the NGO board was made to ensure a proper structure and compliance was met, the official certificate to operate under the NGO Board was received on 27th September 2001. The Centre flourished with 50 children with a dedicated team of staff to look after them under the able Manager Madam Francisca Agoi, Ms. Dorcas, and Patrick Irungu. To ensure maximum transparency, a board of trustees was appointed and formalised on 20th August 2004. It includes Mr. Dilip Shah, Mr. Matthew Obat, Ms. Ramni Jamnadas, Ms. Eunice Kimani, Mr. Mohan Versani and Late Mr. Valabhai Patel.

Due to a large number of activities happening, space slowly became a challenge. The then committee of Board members, Ms. Lene Olsen, Ms. Laetitia Zobel, Mr. Dilip Shah, Ms. Ann-Marie Roed and Ms. Ramni Jamnadas together with the trustees came together and raised funds to purchase land. The initial large donations came from Super Foam Ltd, Devji Meghji, Jamnadas family, Peponi School, Minesh Chandaria, and Bidco oil. A four-acre land close to the Thika highway in Ruiru was located and purchased in 2006.The centre moved to this location in 2007. The Children were well settled and with the bigger space sporting activities we were able to host annual events where other children's homes were united to interact on many occasions. We were also able to operate a kitchen garden.

The rapid industrial development of the Ruiru area combined with the expansion and construction of the Thika Super Highway made the area unsuitable for a children's home. After an intensive search and long negotiations, a new home was found that already had all the amenities with permanent structures.

The Children moved in to the current location on the opposite side of the Thika Super Highway in 2011. The change was so good that the children refer to it as " a place we call Home "

At Ruiru Rehabilitation Centre we focus on each individual child, helping them meet and exceed their potential academically, in sports and in life. We ensure that every child receives formal education up to higher education. The centre continues to support children who want to pursue college education. The centre also helps those who choose vocational training and apprenticeship in hope of finding a job on the local market.

We closely monitor our children's progress. The objective is for them to acquire quality knowledge and skills that will help them find their place in society, join the workforce, become disciplined, resourceful and self-reliant citizens.


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